Five Characteristics of High Quality Parks report cover

Report Summary: What makes one park high quality and another a disappointment? Across the country, cities as well as parks and recreation departments are seeking to articulate what “high quality” means, particularly as it relates to the goal of the 10 Minute Walk movement to ensure that all people live within a 10-minute walk of a high-quality park or green space. Based on interviews with parks professionals and other experts from around the country, this report presents a framework for park quality that can help all park developers and managers systematically assess quality, park by park and systemwide, to make investments and address longstanding disparities in access to high-quality parks. A series of key questions help parks professionals ensure their parks are in excellent condition, are accessible to all potential users, provide positive experiences for park users, are relevant to the communities they serve, and are flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.


ULI Net Zero Exchange: Energy Efficiency

The first ULI Net Zero Exchange discussed energy efficiency strategies on the journey to net zero.

Moderate-Income Rental Housing: A New Asset Class

In this webinar, learn about a new report that refutes the current misconception that rental apartments priced for the middle-income workforce—such as teachers, nurses, and first responders—have a lower return on investment than apartments with highe...

Tracking Movement on DEI: Where is the Industry Now?

The second annual Global Real Estate DEI Survey 2022 provides that insight, continuing a vital benchmark that reveals changes in employee demographics around age, gender, and race/ethnicity across seniority and job function, as well as reporting on t...

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