Welcome to the all-new Knowledge Finder, where you can access the collective, global knowledge of ULI and its members — anytime and anywhere.

What's New

An expansive content library

You can now explore a diverse array of content in Knowledge Finder including:

  • Reports. Discover global Emerging Trends in Real Estate®, Advisory Services and Technical Assistance panel reports, as well as reports on housing, capital markets, sustainability, and more.
  • Case Studies. Find best practices and lessons learned from development projects around the world.    
  • Reading Lists. Explore the latest articles from the award-winning Urban Land magazine, curated around topics such as technology in real estate, opportunity zones, public private partnerships, and more.
  • Events Library. Download valuable content from ULI events held globally year-round, including the Fall Meeting, Spring Meeting, Europe Conference, Asia Pacific Summit, major District and National Council events, and Product Council agendas. 
  • Videos. View over 100 videos on a variety of topics capturing some of our best events, interesting case studies, industry leaders, and more
  • Webinars. Access webinars on a variety of real estate topics and industry trends, available on demand for the first time.  
  • Books. Explore the entire catalog from the ULI Bookstore searchable alongside ULI content for the first time.

The platform now includes additional features for content discovery, including:

  • Insight Engine. Search using a powerful, predictive engine with artificial intelligence and machine learning to discover the most relevant results.
  • Keyword Search. Search by keyword across all content types and search within PDFs and documents to find which page(s) the keywords appear.
  • Content Filters. Filter search results with an updated and expanded tagging system.
  • Topics and Content Types. Deep dive into topic areas or content types to find the latest real estate development trends and research.
  • Related Content. Stay informed by exploring related content and downloading relevant resources.
  • Intuitive Design. Seamlessly explore our latest research and best practices in the newly designed mobile-friendly, easy-to-use platform.

What’s Next

Launching this version of the all-new Knowledge Finder is just the first step along the journey toward making ULI the premier destination of real estate knowledge. As always, your feedback and involvement is integral in shaping its future as we continuously improve.

So far, we’ve identified seven future features that we have prioritized for development on our roadmap based upon member feedback: 


    We heard:
    There is so much offered at ULI it’s easy to get lost. I wish I could see recommended content tailored to my interests in Member Directory and activity with ULI and Knowledge Finder.

    How we’re responding:
    Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Knowledge Finder will continue to “get smarter” over time. Additionally, we are working to configure the back-end of the insight engine to provide personalized content recommendations informed by your interests and interactions with ULI. 


    We heard:
    ULI members are industry leaders. I wish I could benefit from the network’s collective knowledge and stay on top of the latest real estate trends.

    How we’re responding:
    Through the power of artificial intelligence, the relevancy order of the search results will change over time depending on the number of views the piece of content gets.

    Additionally, a new content type will be introduced to Knowledge Finder that showcases trending topics—what members are looking for and talking about most frequently.

    We heard:
    I wish I could save my favorite pieces of content to view when I have more time or come back to for reference.

    How we’re responding:
    We are building the ability to bookmark individual pieces of content that will save to your personal library within the site so you can come back when it’s most convenient for you. 


    We heard:
    I wish I could receive updates when new content is added for topics I follow.

    How we’re responding:
    We are working on a way for you to set automatic updates to trigger emails when content is added on topics you’d like to learn more about or stay updated on.


    We heard:
    I wish I could know how my search result counts would be impacted by selecting or deselecting various facets in the search page.

    How we’re responding:
    We are working with our insight engine provider, Coveo, to build a new feature that indicates how many results will be added or subtracted when selecting different facets on the search results page.


    We heard:
    I wish save time by knowing when the keyword I am searching for is mentioned in a video.

    How we’re responding:
    We are working to enable semi-automated transcriptions of videos. This will allow you to search videos by keyword and fast-forward to the most relevant sections.

  7. SHARE

    We heard:
    I wish I could share content with friends and colleagues when I discover valuable piece of content.

    How we’re responding:
    We are planning to enable a way for you to share specific pieces of content with other ULI members.

If you have thoughts on any of the themes outlined above — or something you don’t see represented — we want to hear from you. We use trends we see in feedback and usability testing to prioritize enhancements and new features. Share your thoughts: [email protected]