On Safer Ground: Floodplain Buyouts and Community Resilience report cover image
Flooding is the most expensive and common natural disaster in the United States, and managing flood risk is critical to protecting homes, local and regional economies, and community well-being. On Safer Ground: Floodplain Buyouts and Community Resilience highlights how local governments across the United States are increasingly turning to buyouts as one strategy to cost effectively reduce flood risk, offer relief to residents, and potentially improve access to open space in urban areas. The report explores best practices for community resilience involving floodplain buyouts and models for partnerships with the private sector.

Meridian Pathways

Meridian is experiencing unprecedented population growth. Today, the city has four times the number of residents it did in 2000. The population boom resulted in rapid development, including the expansion of walking paths throughout the city. These be...

How to Choose, Use, and Better Understand Climate-Risk Analytics

ULI partnered with LaSalle Investment Management on a report that analyzes the current state of the climate risk analytics market and provides guidance for the real estate industry to evaluate physical risk analytics products. Learn more about this r...

Rondo 4P Funding Model: A Pathway Leading to Restoring A Community Lost Through Federal Highway Investments

Key strategies required to create a multifaceted 4P Funding Model that ties People, Private, Public, and Philanthropy (4Ps) into financing, funding, and building an African American cultural enterprise district in Rondo that was devastated by the con...

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